Lady Diana was a global princess, an international role model…she should have kept her love affairs more private!

As a young man in the 90s, I was obsessed with Princess Diana. I was lovesick and wished her marriage with Prince Charles would break. I even visited London a few times just so that I could breathe the same air and feel closer to her. My days were spent around the Buckimgham Palace, on the off chance that I’d catch a glimpse of Lady Diana if she stepped out. I consumed everything about her…

Her timeless beauty, charm and dedication to kids and family made her everyone’s darling, she was hounded by media, both before and after the marriage. She was an enigma and every man’s fantasy.


When the news of Lady Diana’s divorce became public, I jumped with joy and couldn’t contain my emotion. It was 1996, the year I passed out of college. I was acting as if I was going to fill the vacuum in her life. With Prince Charles gone, I might have a chance.. but she already had an affair going on with Dodi Fayed, son of Mohammad Al-Fayed, the billionaire owner of the Harrods. I thought it was too early for the royal princess to dive into another relationship.

She romanced with Dodi uninhibitedly, uncaring of the consequences. Diana failed to maintain the dignity accorded to her by virtue of her royal connection, she disrespected her status, allowing her various indiscretions to become public. She didn’t care since she was no longer with the royal family, but the royal family itself faced immense ridicule and shame.

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Her unfortunate death in a car crash in Paris in August, 1997, was devastating news. It was also an event that brought to light her numerous love affairs over the years. Lady Diana has not done anything wrong by indulging in men, but then we shouldn’t remember her as a true princess who was conscious of her stature, and acted accordingly. We shouldn’t look back and see her as a truly faithful wife.

Even before she sparked an affair with Dodi, she was involved with Hasnat Khan, a respected British-Pakistani heart surgeon. He was the love of her life for two years before she moved on to Dodi Fayed. Diana’s need for love and companionship was beginning to take a vulgar turn.


On former cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan’s invitation, Lady Diana visited Pakistan and was secretly invited to Hasnat Khan’s home. She even lied to her family members and the press. It was Diana who ended the relationship, though, keeping the reason mysterious and open to speculation.


Diana was involved in many other affairs as well, including ex – England rugby captain, Will Carling, and her police bodyguard, Barry Mannakee. The other names were ex-cavalry officer James Hewitt, James Gilbey, who famously called her ‘Squidgy’ in a phone conversation, and art dealer Oliver Hoare.


Lady Diana lives in our memory, we think of her as a role model, as an inspiration to women. She was a good soul, too, but is she so immensely deserving of all the love and adulation?