History’s greatest physicist, Albert Einstein, used his wife for sex and indulged in incestuous affair with cousin

If you are shocked, it’s understandable. Just don’t get angry at the author. It would be unfair. When we think of Einstein, we think of physics and all his legendary theories. How Einstein was as a human being, most of us don’t have a clue! I simply happen to have read and researched well on the man. I am only sharing what I know.

Every man has a dark side, even the great ones. In fact, the great ones have darker sides, but conveniently buried and overlooked due to the sheer greatness of the men.

What if you read something disturbing and sinister about our man Albert Einstein?

Nobel Laureate and history’s most celebrated physicist/scientist, Albert Einstein was a wife beater and a dreadful father. There is no need for shock here. If we only took a brief moment to reflect, we’ll understand that a man can be a genius and a terror, both at the same time. Einstein’s achievements were not a product of his humanity, but a result of his brilliant and beautiful mind. They are two separate entities.

Albert Einstein was cold, calculating, and often brutal. When he was in a living relationship with Mileva Maric, who later became his wife, she delivered their daughter but the great man was busy framing the laws of physics. After marriage, Maric gave birth to two sons. Einstein was again absconding. While Maric raised her children, Einstein initiated an extra-marital affair with his cousin, Elsa Lowenthal.

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Self-centered and absorbed into the exciting world of theoretical physics, Albert Einstein had no time for family. He married of his own volition but abandoned her and fell short on all his vows. When Einstein and his wife got divorced, Einstein didn’t even bother to meet his sons. When Maric insisted to help her save the marriage for the sake of children, Einstein asked Maric to follow few rules if she wanted to continue this marriage.


This is as funny as it is horrifying!

The conditions laid down by Einstein reflected the state of his otherwise great mind.

She was to ensure that his cloths and laundry was done on time. He wanted his three meals on time in his bedroom. He made it amply clear that his office should be kept neat and clean.

She would have to renounce all personal relations with him, except in a situation where it is required for social reasons. Specifically, she had to travel with him everywhere he went.

She was also asked not to expect any intimacy from him and not to approach him for the same. If he didn’t want, she couldn’t talk to him.

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His wife as good as a maid. His children were just a product of sexual intercourse, not love.

Voted the greatest physicist of all time by Physics World, and revered for his intellectual and scientific contributions, Einstein was from inside a selfish man.

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