What good did Aamir Khan-starrer ‘Satyamev Jayate’ do to our society? Of course, except for giving him a platform to brush his acting skills!

Aamir Khan, who is much too dramatically called the ‘Mr Perfectionist’, is a very successful actor with questionable virtues. All of us know he is on top of his game as an actor, but most of us aren’t aware of  the other side, a side that we choose not to talk about because it sullies our impression of the man. We are happy to know him just as a character on screen, not how he is as an individual. With heavy investments on public relations and image building, Aamir Khan’s each step is calculated and tutored with a clear objective: To ensure that the actor is a socially responsible person and has great levels of ethics.

Whether his intentions behind producing ‘Satyamev Jayate’ was pious, we can safely guess. His attempt at being India’s top crusader could not have been more insincere. In fact, at most times, Aamir Khan unwittingly revealed his hidden detachment from all the misery in the studio by his fake expressions. Have you observed Aamir Khan’s face when he is listening to a sad story? He comes across as a person who is deeply troubled by the pains in the world. He is so shocked at the level of corruption, negligence and indifference that his face reflects anger and sadness together. His fists clench, his nostrils flare and his eyes are fighting hard to stem the tears.


What is he actually doing to remove the pain points? Besides appearing every Sunday for a show that promises around 3 crores and gives him a platform to self serve, what is he doing on the ground? Does he visit places of corruption and use his influence to ensure that the culprits are dealt with? Has he ever taken personal care of a victim, provided money from his own pocket?

The moment money changed hands, Aamir Khan lost the right to champion the cause of rights for all. He lost every right to be called a crusader. He is simply doing business, with a great deal of acting. Aamir Khan, in effect, charges over 3 crores to act and read from the script! I wonder if he finds it all too shameful deep within his heart. His excessively moral veneer and tendency to preach is making it worse for the ageing actor.

Aamir tries to identify himself with the audience and dresses like that too. It is all made to look real by some fancy, heavy-charging top PR agency. His whole life seems to stage-managed. He always appears to be acting. Whether it is raising an eyebrown in astonishment, or pursing his pink lips when he is blank, Aamir Khan cannot help picking expressions from the vast bank of his movies. Its like acting to seem real. How complicated can a man make his life?

His pledge to boycott award functions smacks of a sense of superiority. He believes awards are beneath him, an attitude best reflected in his nonchalant ways when confronted with the question. Sources close to the actor reveal a different take on the matter. They say Aamir Khan is insecure. He thinks if he fails ot win awards, it lessens his credibility.


Aamir Khan had actually attended Filmfare Awards during his early days. But then, he felt embarrassed, when he didn’t receive an award for ‘Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander’ in 1992. It went to Anil Kapoor for the movie, ‘Beta’. Later, Shah Rukh Khan won the best actor award for the movie, ‘Baazigar’, and Aamir once again failed to make an impression with ‘Hum Hain Rahi Pyaar Ke’. The toughest competition between the two Khans was in 1995, when Shah Rukh Khan was loved by the nation for ‘Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge’ and Aamir for ‘Rangeela’. Shah Rukh yet again pipped Aamir Khan.