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Forged in steel, Subrata Roy authors ‘Life Mantras’ from behind bars

Subrata Roy

In the face of adversity, some survive and some fall apart. Subrata Roy has not just endured his incarceration, it appears he used his confinement, wrongful or not, to tell the world what really tunes life.

Popularly known as ‘Saharasri’, the Sahara Group patron is releasing a book written from behind bars on Monday. Titled ‘Life Mantras’, the book provides an insight into the inner workings of Mr Roy’s mind. Walking an emotional tightrope, the Sahara boss has produced a product based on his trails, tribulations, and life lessons. He believes you can only keep what you have by giving it away…

Subrata Roy
Life Mantras is the first work of Roy’s scheduled trilogy.

It is the first work of his scheduled trilogy, with the book slated to be released in 5,000-plus centers. Interestingly, February 1 is also Sahara’s foundation day.

In the book, and I am paraphrasing it, he says ‘to achieve peace, happiness, and continuous progress, one doesn’t need to depend on anybody. You are the master of your own destiny.”

The man who helped create hundreds of thousands of jobs through his businesses is going through turbulent times. Lodged in jail for his alleged involvement in corruption, the newly-born author might have had enough of trying to convince the authorities of his innocence. Writing about it all, apparently, it was constructive use of time.

Subrata Roy
No one sacrifices for anyone, nobody does anything for anyone, Roy has written philosophically in his book

SEBI, incidentally, despite tall claims, has not dispersed even a dime it acquired from Sahara for investors who the market regulator claimed were conned.

No one sacrifices for anyone, nobody does anything for anyone, he writes philosophically. It appears to be a reflection of his experience that might have forged him in steel, inspiring him to pull himself out of despair and share his life. He claims if one could identify and adopt the ‘life mantras’, that person would be better positioned to realize that life is a blissful journey.

Subrata Roy
Subrata Roy with his family

‘Life Mantras’ should not be mistaken for an autobiography, it doesn’t even advocate any theory. It is simply a reflection of how even despite hardships, life can be appreciated as a gift. The book is a summary of Subrata Roy’s experiences and observations.

It’s impossible not to sit and wonder about the man. He laid the foundation of Sahara India Pariwar in 1978 with a mere Rs.2000 and three workers. In 37 years, he converted it into Rs. 1,80,000 crore rupees (about $27 billion)! These are undeniably magical number. His philosophy of ‘Collective Materialism’ has benefited over 1.2 million fellow Sahara workers.

What does the future hold for India’s most impactful businessman? Only time will tell. But whatever be his fate, he will not be easily forgotten.

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