Chhota Rajan, a.k.a “Nana”, could arrive at Arthur Road Jail any day now… he would be in Dawood sharpshooter’s crosshairs, for sure!

Dawood Ibrahim’s elite killer made a fatal error in visiting Bali, Indonesia. Stupid man, what was he thinking? He may never be a free man again. Serves him well, and now that he’s here, let’s milk him dry of information on India’s enemy number one!


The only problem is what if Dawood’s men, lying in wait for his enforced homecoming, catch him in their sights before the Indian intelligence agencies are able to use him? Not just from the outside, Chhota Rajan faces death from inside the jail itself. Many Arthur road jail convicts belong to rival gangs. There are Dawood loyalists, too.


The route from the airport to the jail is going to be beefed up with unprecedented security, and the prison officials are expected to rope in the big bad boys to keep Chhota Rajan alive. The Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP), which bolstered security at the jail when Pakistani terrorist Ajmal Kasab was lodged there, will most certainly make it too challenging for Dawood to breach…

Poor Rajan has been escaping death for quite some time now, but it might still catch him when he’s in India after the country concludes his extradition. A few months ago, Dawood’s right-hand man Chhota Shakeel had hatched a plot to kill Rajan in Australia, but Rajan got a whiff of it and ran away.


In September 2000, Dawood tracked down Rajan in Bangkok. Sharad Shetty used his links with Mumbai-based hotelier, Vinod Shetty and A Mishra, to track down Rajan in Bangkok. Chhota Shakeel then led the hit. Posing as a pizza delivery men, they gunned down the trusted Rajan hitman, Rohit Varma, and his wife. However, he got lucky… possibly because he was too bloody brave – Rajan made a dare-devil escape through the hotel’s roof and fire-escape. He then recovered in a hospital and slipped away to evade capture, and eventual death.

The botched assassination attempt proved costly for Dawood and his hunting men. Chhota Rajan’s own band of killers hunted down and shot dead Vinod Shetty in 2001 in Mumbai, as well as Sunil Soans – another Dawood associate.


Making great name in Extortion, murder, smuggling, drug trafficking, film finance… ‘Little Rajan’ fled to Dubai in 1988 after life became difficult in India. He had taken Bada Rajan’s place as don after his murder, and operated for Dawood as his lieutenant.

The 1993 Mumbai blast split the dons wide open, bringing about a rift that may only find closure with one man’s death, at least, and Rajan’s looks more likely. Chhota Rajan, claiming to be a Hindu don, vowed to avenge the deaths of hundreds of Hindus in the bomb blast, and thus started a chapter in gang rivalry that may one day find mention in our history books.

‘Company’, a 2002 bollywood crime-based thriller, had a character Chandu having some resemblances of Chhota Rajan with real-life Dawood Ibrahim gang. The 1999 film Vaastav: The Reality, starring Sanjay Dutt was loosely based on Rajan’s life.