Thank God Canadian PM Justin Tredeau has no appetite for self-destruction. Workplace full of infatuated women can take a man’s focus away

Like many others who waited with bated breath for the recent federal election results, I allowed myself to bask in the warm afterglow of the victory of 43-year-old, Justin Trudeau!


There has been a lot of buzz around the newly-elected young, dashing Canadian Prime Minister. In less than one week after winning and taking over as Canada’s latest installment on leaders, Justin Trudeau has already filed 35 million workplace-harassment complaints against his employers! People blame him for seeking attention, but I beg to differ. It must be extremely awkward to be a part of a work place where the women colleagues spend most part of their day day-dreaming about Prime Minister Justin, where people are more concerned with his abs, rather than his policies.

It is definitely not a great feeling to be jostled at every moment of the day, it can be suffocating. A man like the Prime Minister will only file these many complaints if the harassment is unbearable.


A clearly hassled PM said: “Obviously this isn’t the way I envisioned starting a new job. But I can’t work like this. Everywhere I go, women keep calling me names like ‘The PMILF,’ telling me to smile more and yelling things like “show us your abs!” This morning, Marc Garneau and Bill Blair had a 45-minute conversation about how fuckable I am, in my office. Right in front me.” Poor Justin, what has he gotten himself into?

No one is talking about the real man, how challenging it must have been for Canada’s Liberal Party and its leader, Trudeau, to win elections when they were facing a bleak future only few months before, how he almost single-handedly turned around the fortunes of his party. I would rather be interested in his promise of accepting 25,000 refugees by January 2016, or may be his plans on legalising marijuana.


At the start of the election, he was third in the polls, haters saying he was inexperienced. Stephen Harper mocked his ‘nice hair’, but that didn’t faze Trudeau, simply because as this election shows, bullies never win!

There are already a lot of expectations from him, and with campaign ads poking fun at his ‘nice hair’, talking about his biceps or his boyish good looks, he might find it rockier to perform as a good PM.