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Are we a soft nation – A Diorama on Liberal mentalities and populism


Changes in the political sector are wrought with ironical postures and radically different change in the stance on crucial issues for the country. The recent developments in the political arena have brought certain changes – right from the policies in play and the inclinations of the populace.

Nonetheless, these changes due to media’s extensive coverage and the change in the political roster has brought forth a question – Could the nation’s posture and policy ever get in sync?

If one carefully mulls over this question, one would get an indication of changing public subtleties and the use of social media to bring about a perception bias where the excessive populism and the need to appease every sect of the society has brought the country to a rather peculiar situation. The country which was until a few years ago, divided on the basis of religion is now categorized on very different lines that of liberals and of patriots. Both sects follow each and every movement of the opposite sect and are not shy at all of using slander against the other.

The posture of the nation’s government and the policies that come with it do not seem to be coherent with the ground reality. In addition to that, the media does an incredible job of feeding public emotions to create ‘trending’ topics of debate where the maligning of the government is the primary objective.

Dera Sacha Sauda riot

As it stands, these changes that have been brought on by the masses have resulted in a difficult democratic situation and constant populist measures, or righteous declaration of emotions on the social media. An example of this would be the latest Dera Sacha Sauda riots where a state government’s impotence in dealing with riotous people led to several deaths and a ratification of Article 144. If that isn’t enough, a brief assessment of social media and public sentiments reveal a rather dismal state of affairs for communal and societal peace.

A similar example could be drawn from the Antifa movement in the Western civilization (read: the United States) where violent protesters deem it necessary to injure the local public and damage government property.

As for India, the hard reality is that in spite of our resolve, our posturing and a thought for massive retaliation with unacceptable damage, the situation has hardly been handled – the situation being the differences and the soft take towards anti-social elements.

That said this predicament can create a lot of bottlenecks for the government where they’d have to please each sect in order to pursue progressive policies – a nigh impossible solution since what one sect wants is automatically rejected without any due consideration by the other.

Nevertheless, this sort of political dilemma is bound to create strife in the society, create messy security situations and also bring the progress of the country to a stand-still. It would take clever proposition from the government to ease the high-tension situation in the country and still maintain a strong position on the global front.

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