It’s risky to wear leggings, short dresses to this college. You’ll suffer if you get caught!

She howled, as those floor supervisors dragged her, grabbing those loose long locks. She begged for mercy, but it wasn’t coming…

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Former students recalled the horrors behind the gates of Sri Sai Ram Engineering College, in Chennai, an institution where you are dragged to a dark room and thrashed with lathis if you dared to wear a black shirt. In a democratic country like India, this Taliban-like behaviour is deplorable!

Sri Sai Ram Engineering College exploded into infamy after a circular on the dress code went viral. Leggings, patialas, short kurtas, body-fitting clothes, and just about anything that suited the administration’s whims and fancy.


How is it different from the Talibanis? To establish its tyranny over helpless children, the college tortures students who break protocols. They are no different when it comes to reviving an era of 18th century. Just like Taliban’s so-called moral leaders, who don’t allow women to wear makeup, talk to men not related to them, or wear clothes that make them happy, the despotic rules and regulations of Sri Sai Ram Engineering College are making life a living hell for students.

“In a college where educated people impart education to others, you can imagine what these people would be doing. They are just goons. They would catch hold of girls’ hair and ask, ‘With this kind of face, you have come to study?’ or they would ask girls ‘why their clothes were tight’ in a demeaning way in front of all, recollects a former student of this merciless, sadistic college.


There is an immediate need for shutting down the institution, or overhauling the existing administration!

The cruelties of a man named Balu, a floor supervisor in the college, could one day be part of urban legends. He terrorised students with threats and violence. If not arrested, punished, and made examples out of, these disruptive forces, appointed to supervise the students in whichever barbaric way they deemed fit, will soon turn small pockets of India into hell-hole.


It’s inexplicable, really. Despite repeated protests by college students, leading to widespread attention on social media, these evil men continue to unleash their demons of hapless students.

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Nitika Bhatia

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