Vladimir Putin-led Russia is single-handedly cleaning the ISIS mess! Where are the superpowers?

Despite the condemnation and the cacophony of protesting noise emanating from all over the western world, Russia is continuing on its mission to help clean the ISIS mess that has plagued Syria and the adjoining countries. The United Nations was expected to intervene, United States to act, and the rest of the world to join its hands…but only Russia seems to have the decisiveness to deal with the expanding threat from the Islamic hardliners.


It may be said, and it is being said, that Vladimir Putin-led Russia has entered the fight on behalf of the Assad regime, which itself is facing charges of human rights violations and atrocities on civilians, but in the process, Russian fighters are inflicting heavy damage on the ISIS-occupied territories. Russia has launched a naval bombardment in coordination with Syria, hitting 11 targets. Four Russian ships fired 26 missiles into Syria, according to President Vladimir Putin.


Less talk, more action is what Russia is doing. The Russian jets have destroyed more than 60% of ISIS infrastructure. Russians have destroyed ISIS Headquarters, tanks, munition depots, all in just one week! It is very seldom that the United States fails to take the initiative against terrorists, and it is feeling the pain of being left behind this time around. The frustration is finding vent through verbal attacks. The US and its allies have slammed Russia for endangering the lives of the civilians.


Putin has already offered America their hand in cooperation in Syria, but the Americans are busy calculating the pros and cons of the steps they would take against ISIS. It is gauging what all is to their advantage…

There are civilian casualties in every conflict, its collateral damage that we must accept with a heavy heart. Russia, not heeding to self-serving cries, have ramped up their muscular presence in the Middle East and their army is making the ISIS terrorists run for their lives! After a week of fighting ISIS in Syria, Russia is escalating its efforts.


Iraq may soon invite Russia to start attacking ISIS troops on the Iraqi soil as well, stepping up the level of cooperation Baghdad has with Moscow, Damascus and Tehran.

Russia has provided the momentum, the rest of the world should follow now. We must up the ante against the ISIS before it recovers from the Russian onslaught, and quickly regroups.

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Sakshi Behl


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