Jericho rejects natural instincts, adopts brother Cecil’s cubs. Nature restored what Walter Palmer destroyed

They truly are brothers-in-arm, even in Cecil the Lion’s death.

I had a sinking feeling immediately after Cecil the lion’s unceremonious murder, paid for by the American dentist, Walter Palmer. I feared for the cubs, left orphaned. I was so concerned that Cecil’s blood brother, Jericho, would kill and devour his nephews, that I followed the news very closely, with deep apprehensions. It wouldn’t have been shocking had Jericho gone after the cubs!


In the lion society, killing infants results in their mothers becoming quickly fertile again, increasing the chance of the new males having offspring. And if they don’t kill any infant males that are not their own, they run the risk these cubs will grow up and stage their own coup.

But apparently, Jericho is too emotional to fall for that instinct. Cecil’s 12 cubs are in safe hands. Jericho is their daddy now. The Zimbabwe conservation Task force says Jericho is very protective of his brother’s children.

Jericho was initially reported to be dead, shot by another hunter. He was declared out of danger a few days ago and is in fine health.

Delta, American, United Airlines, and the Canadian airlines have collectively declared that henceforth, they will no longer ship big-game animal carcasses, or ‘trophies’, for hunters who need to carry the dead meat back home. The move by the airlines was triggered by the recent killing of one of Africa’s most celebrated lion, Cecil.

More and more measures by every community and sector must be created to help remove the scourge of poaching.

How we treat our animals is indicative of our personality, I believe. Only a heart without any compassion for all things living can contemplate killing big games to flaunt and decorate on their walls. Hunters and poachers are a breed that will never die. There will always be attempts made to capture an elephant bull for the ivory, or a lion for its skin.


As a society, we can only hope to minimise the damage to animals by enacting deterrent laws. Severest of severe punishment must be given to animal hunters.

Back home, Salman khan and Saif Ali khan have been negotiating the strong arm of law for the past 14 years! They killed for fun, for flaunting it as trophy. They have managed to stay free because they have the money and power. Are Salman and Saif any different from the heartless poachers?

The morally right thing to do would have been for them to accept the responsibility. They can still do it, but that would mean time in jail. So why bother.

There are many Cecils in the Gir forest, in need of protection from our own local Walter palmers. Organisations for the animal rights are few and far between. Unless we improve upon our commitment to save animal lives from poachers, the Government should invite ideas from the private sector, bring them in for an efficient and swift delivery.