Explore food at North Campus!!!!

Kamla nagar just adjoining the North Campus is a hub for all the students. Finally I realized that this place has rolled out a lot of eating joints, but I am gonna suggest the savories that are to be delighted by all you foodies who LIVE TO EAT.


1.Bille Di Hatti

Though what all you get here can be ate the whole day but I would say that their menu is an entire breakfast menu .At this really old shop (now renovated) you will have a nostalgic feeling as you enter. The menu here is short but, the Cholle Puri and Lassi here is a must have for all the Punjabi’s.

I had a misconception that only Punjabi’s love to eat chole puri but I was accompanied by a friend from the north-east India who even loved the chole pure and lassi and to surprise me more he even got it packed for his room mates who loved it too and now this is their SUNDAY BREAKFAST. The lassi here is well blended and topped with cream or better said “Malai” that adds a really nice tinge to it.

chole chature

  1. QD’s

This place is now shifted to Hudson lane. My mouth gets salivating as I hear the name of this joint .The menu here is too big for me to tell so, I would recommend you the must have that is the  Tandoori MoMo’s  stuffed with properly minsed vegetables and the covering baked just well to taste. Anybody who doesn’t even like momos will fall for it very easily.

They serve a lot of chinese and mughlai items here but as I said tandoori momo’s are a must must have, except this the Mixed vegetable Raita over here is a good option even for those who are on a diet regime.




  1. Bombay Bhel House

As the name suggests at the Bombay Bhel House you get the perfect  “Bambaiyaa style bhel puri and sev puri ” to be savoured.

You get the authentic taste of bhel puri over here and all you end up saying is yummy. 

bombay bhel

4 Vaishnav chat bhandar

Who doesn’t like chat pakori ? I guess evryone loves a little chit char over the pav bhaji and the mouth filling golgappas or panipuri hereis a delicacy.You even get “ghujia bhalla papri” where in the bhalla is stuffed with dry fruits which is an awesome,must have here.You even have aloo chat and tikki in their menu.Do try the Bharva Golgappa here.

vaishnav chat bhandar

  1. 975

A restaurant cum lounge it is,though I was never able to reveal the mystery behind it’s name.

They serve a lot of Italian,Mexican,Chinese and mughlai items too and the chef here is to be appreciated as they are good in all the items they make.The Veg lazania here  is really an item that you don’t get at small outlets easily and it is reall good too and highly recommended by me.

975 restaurant

  1. Rico’s

Locate d at Hudson lane this is one joint in north that serves amazing continental food. It is of the Big Chill level and the priciest dish here would be 200 buck which is not at all expensive.

ricos street food


  1. Big Yellow Door

This place is again located at Hudson lane and you must try the Vodka flamed pasta, the burgers, and the shakes here.  A delight to the mouth it will be.

BYD street food

  1. Chacha di hatti

This place has pulled off a gastronomic coup de grace for all-be it students,working class people or housewives. The cholle bhature they serve here is just too good an I would rate it amongst some top 10 cholla bhatura corners in Delhi and the stuffed Bhatura which has aloo is even costs Rs. 25 per plate and it is value for money.

Chacha Chhole Bhature

9.Gopal sweet corner

Lassi,bedmi puri  with sabzi,gulab jamun,bread pakora and kachori. I guess may be I am missing something on the menu but all you get here is good enough to fill your stomach. Though you don’t have sitting arrangements here but you can stand in the shop and eat.The bedmi puti here is well fried with no excess oil dripping on the plate served with sabzi and four kinds of pickles which are spicy but with the puri they blend well to taste good.

gopal sweet corner