Swine Flu is nothing but a trauma hitting our heads

India has seen a lot of epidemic diseases and the way Swine Flu is rising it is no far that it too would be declared one. But we need not panic because Swine flu can be prevented and cured. It is a communicable disease and this is the reason we must take caution on the same.

Swine Flu Prevention:
1. Wash You hands- Wash your hands for 15 to 20 seconds, almost 4-5 times a day or as often as you can.

2. Sleep Good- Try to get 8 hours of rest while you sleep.

3. Drink Liquids- You need to have enough liquids in a day to keep you going.

4. Eat Immune Boosting Foods- stick with whole grains, colorful vegetables, and vitamin-rich fruits.

5. Avoid Alcohol- Alcohol is an immune suppressant that can actually decrease your resistance to viral infections like swine flu so avoid it and be safe.

6. Exercise Daily- Some kind of physical activity is necessary for everyone. It supports the immune system so keep going.

7. Avoid Contact with Sick People- Flu or virus is spread when particles dispersed into the air through a cough or sneeze reach someone else’s nose. So if you’re coughing or sneezing, cover your mouth (and then wash your hands), and if you have to be around someone who is sick, try to stay a few feet away from them and avoid physical contact.

8. Gargle- atleast twice a day with warm salt water.

9.Clean your nostrils- with warm salt water every day.
Keep these points in the head and prevent yourself from Swine Flu.

Swine Flu Treatment:
A lot of vaccinations are available for Swine Flu so it can be cured and prevented. We need not worry and should not get paranoid if something like this happens. Few of the vaccines are as follows:
1. Flu Shot
2. Nasal Spray
3. Intradermal shot

Swine Flu Remedies:
Not just Doctors vaccines you should try certain remedies which go by:
1. Have citrus fruits, particularly Vitamin C rich ones, including Amla (Indian gooseberry) juice.
2. Do Pranayam Daily as it is resistant against all diseases which attack the nose, throat and lungs, besides keeping you fit.
3. Try homeopathic medicines-these are not specifically targeted at H1N1 either, these work well as preventive against common flu virus.
4. A small piece of camphor (kapoor) approximately the size of a tablet should be taken once or twice a month

5. Have five duly washed leaves of Basil (known as Tulsi) every day in the morning.

Be Safe and Take Care.