Starbucks tea, Teavana, contains pesticides known to cause cancer, nervous breakdown!

But first, how should Starbucks pay for what recently happened?

One of its apps has been hacked and thieves are stealing customers’ money from credit cards, pay pals, bank accounts and other such platforms. They break into a victim’s Starbucks account online, add a new gift card, transfer funds over, and repeat the process every time the original card reloads.

How flimsy and shoddy could the Starbucks app have been?

If it wanted, Starbucks could have stopped the transaction, but it allowed money transfers without much checks and balance. When customers confronted Starbucks for refund, they were asked to settle the matter with Pay Pal or credit card companies. It said it’s not their concern and that they followed every rule in the book.

Starbucks, Starbucks Coffee

Shamelessly, Starbucks added that the onus is on customers to keep their accounts secure. There was no solidarity expressed with the customers, or assurances given to help the authorities track down the culprits.

The authorities will investigate and likely point finger towards Starbucks. They will, perhaps, pay compensation and move on to the next job. What will continue to remain and bother is the bad taste Starbucks leaves behind…

Starbuck tea, Teavana, has traces of pesticides in it that are known to cause cancer and breakdown of nervous system. Food and beverage experts say it could be the reason why the coffee is so addictive.

Starbucks Pumpkin Spice latte, one of Starbucks star beverage, contains ingredients that are injurious to health, including caramel coloring which contains the chemical 4-Mel, a known carcinogen. It also has an astringent which causes headache. Their cunning reflects in the fact that the ingredients are not published online. The Pumpkin sauce available for sale tastes different from that of prepared at the Starbucks. You still want to have Starbucks Coffee?


We drink Starbucks coffee because it appeals to our taste buds. For istant gratification, we readily ignore long-term pain. Their homogenized, yuppie style is loathsome and the atmosphere in a Starbucks shop resembles a supermarket, devoid of any soul.

The popular coffeehouse chain has always tried to portray itself as environment-friendly, waving their green credentials at the media, but the façade couldn’t hold. No other organisation treats water as wastefully as Starbucks. Their “leave the tap running all day” policy created an eco-scandal to the tune of 23 million litres wasted every day.

The ‘tip scandal’ was a real low for Starbucks. A clearly disgruntled Starbucks barista sued the coffee house on behalf of all baristas in California. The court ordered the company to pay up 100 million dollars for stealing the tips of all shift supervisors and managers. How lowly can Starbucks get? Does it have no conscience?

They are wasteful and don’t pour coffee in reusable cups. Why? The cups have a plastic coating meant to stop leaking, making it difficult to recycle. So why is Starbucks using plastic? Is it not aware of the implications of including plastic in its product?


We all are in love with the Starbucks logo, but that is not the original logo they opted for, for the first time. The original symbol featured a bare breasted siren with the mysterious twin fishtail to represent the nautical history of the Seattle. Later, marketing friendly versions eliminated the bare breasts and blur the siren’s odd tail. This was done to hide Starbuck’s true intentions.