Red Bull increases stickiness of blood! John would know, he nearly died…

Red bull nearly took John’s life. While John’s final year paper was going on, he consumed more than one can every day. At times, when he needed to study till late night, he drank around five cans to stay awake. A month later, he experienced palpitations and suffered a mild stroke! He could have died, but for the swift response from his colleagues who were studying along with John. This is not an isolated incidence. People across the world have experienced health issues after consuming Red Bull but no concrete steps have been taken to address the issue.

Red Bull is banned in Norway, Uruguay and Denmark because of health fears. India needs to take a good, hard look at Red Bull and decide whether it is more important to benefit from the revenue, or save human lives!

A study conducted of the university students revealed that drinking one can of the sugar-free version of Red Bull increased the ‘stickiness’ of the blood and raised the risk of life-threatening clots. Notably, after one hour of drinking Red Bull, the blood systems are abnormal and if you add in the other risk factors for cardiovascular disease – stress or high blood pressure – this could be potentially deadly!

People who have even the slightest heart or circulatory problems should stay a mile away from the caffeine-loaded drink. There are two ingredients in the drink that make it potentially fatal – caffeine and the amino acid taurine – and is known to have damaging repercussions for the heart.

Red Bull was created by the marketing director of an Austrian toothpaste company in the 1980s. One can has 80 mg of caffeine, which is almost similar to a cup of filter coffee, or two cups of instant.


Added sugars such as glucose and sucrose in Red Bull can cause tooth decay. Drinking Red Bull for boosting your energy is like eating junk food when you are on a diet. Red Bull makes you fat and does not provide any nutrients and minerals. If you want to gain weight and spoil your health, you must drink Red Bull.


It is a vicious cycle… Red Bull won’t let you sleep at night, which is the reason why you feel tired and want to have more Red Bulls. Once you start consuming Red Bull, you might find it difficult to focus without drinking Red Bull. It is well stated, that most of the energy drinks add caffeine. Caffeine can affect your nervous system for six hours. If you drink Red Bull too close to the time you go to bed, you may have difficulty in sleeping, because the caffeine may still be stimulating your central nervous system and prevent you from feeling drowsy.


The worst things happen when one mixes Red Bull with liquor. While combining energy drinks and alcohol may not cause significant health risk to healthy people, its long-term effect hint at complications of serious kinds.