R.K. Lakshman – The real freedom fighter


The super cartoonist R.K. Lakshman joined The Times of India on 15th August 1947 that was the Independence Day and lost his life on 26th January 2015 (Republic Day). The choice of dates in itself shows up that he was the true freedom fighter. He has played around with sarcasm and irony in his cartoons with the “COMMON MAN” and has actually fought for our freedom.  Gone is the golden era when the undisputed king of cartoons created magic and settled down deep in our hearts. “In the death of Mr. Laxman, India will miss the genius who made the common man into a national icon,” the President said expressing his condolences.

Every body is in pain and shock after hearing about the unwanted death of the creator of the Common Man.

common man

With his inimitable impish sense of humour, he was master of his craft. The adaptation and existence of “Malgudi Days” is because of him and will stay forever. Those plum faced officials, those villages, that common man and his problems all of this has been showcased in the best form by this man. He was a legend and will stay with us forever with Malgudi Days and his other unforgettable works. We have spent our childhood and grown with him. He understood the joys and sorrows of the common man and articulated the viewpoints very well.


Expiring on the Republic Day is in itself a symbol that he has lived his life appropriately for the nation and he died fighting for the same liberty that was always asked for by the Common Man.