Poisoning unborn babies while chanting the Gayatri Mantra! Male child obsessed Haryana hits an all time low.

Drown an unborn baby’s delicate, still forming body in potent unnatural hormones and steroids; add a glass of milk and a holy prayer while doing so. Smile with hope and satisfaction as the helpless being suffers in the womb.


Calling it an act of ignorance or naivety would be plain wrong. An irrational step taken out of desperation, maybe. But there’s no denying that this rampant practise in the state of Haryana is purely criminal. It’s a crime against humanity and although I’m not a lawyer I’m sure there’s a law that can put these vicious people behind bars. For attempted murder as far as I’m concerned.

I’m not denying the sheer madness in our country that revolves around the male heir. Even the traditional blessings to a new bride offer wishes of a son, preferably many. I’ve seen it all, self proclaimed Godmen who for a generous offering can miraculously turn a baby girl into a baby boy while still in the womb. Never mind the X and Y chromosome theory. There’s a tree in a small town of southern India which if watered continuously for 16 Mondays will grant you a bonny baby boy. There’s the precious gem which when worn in pure silver on a Tuesday can also result in a son. There is the belief that if you offer milk to a ‘shivalinga’ during pregnancy, you’re assured of a son. It’s all illogical to me and many like me, but none of the above actually hurt a living soul, an unborn baby.


However, witness this, there are easily accessible medical stores and chemist shops across Haryana that sell a wonder drug that change the sex of the baby invitro. Yes, so if your unborn baby is a girl to begin with, she can easily be turned into a boy with two easily available drugs, Shivling (Bryonia laciniosa linn) and Majuphal (Quercus infectoria) and if your baby is already male, I guess they turn him into Superman post birth.

Studies have revealed that they are actually filled with testosterone, progesterone and other steroids. Yes, actual drugs that need close medical supervision even while administering to an adult. It’s all pumped into an unborn foetus.  Wait, it come instructions too. You have to take the drugs with a glass of milk from a cow that has given birth to a male calf while reciting the holy Gayatri Mantra. It’s appalling to think that certain people in Haryana continue to be so ignorant while the rest of the country boasts of development and global growth.


According to a survey conducted by Haryana government in the month of April-June, 558713 children were born in the state while 12000 foetuses were killed inside the mother’s womb. The figures are a black mark on PM Narendra Modi‘s campaign “Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao.” These are heart wrenching figures. The Government raids identified several cities including Rohtak and Ambala where these drugs were easily available at local chemist shops.

Studies show that the number of still-born children in Haryana is higher than any other state in the country. One of the biggest reasons for these deaths can be attributed to the fatal sex selection drug.

We ought to be ashamed as a society for allowing such practices to continue. Watch an expectant mother weighed down with fear, anxiety and even guilt in case she delivers a baby girl. Where a soon to be father encourages his wife to take the drugs that can potentially kill their baby in the womb.


Up until a while ago I was deeply concerned about barbaric people killing new born baby girls soon after birth. Some wrapped in rags and disposed in public dustbins while others ceremoniously laid down in a pot of boiling milk while still alive. Today there’s a new concern each one of us needs to be aware of. These fatal drugs that jeopardize the life of an innocent baby even before its born.

The expecting family proudly indulges in the evil ritual while the Almighty hangs his head in shame from the heavens above.

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