No body, no case! Mumbai police torment murder suspect Indrani Mukerjea, but where is Sheena Bora’s body?

If the police, especially the Mumbai police, wants to bring out a confession from a murder suspect, it takes them roughly three days. They engage in tactics that are torturous and unbearable. There are human rights violations that go unreported. There are many ways to break even the most stone cold criminal. Indrani Mukerjea would have been a cakewalk for the cops, or so they thought!

If Indrani Mukerjea has maintained her innocence, if she has repeatedly told the authorities for 10 consecutive days that she had nothing to do with Sheena Bora’s murder, she is either a hardened criminal impossible to break, or absolutely innocent. Which is it?

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Mumbai Police Commissioner Rakesh Maria, who is personally conducting the investigation, is still grappling with the twists and turns of this complicated murder case. There are multiple players involved, each with their own versions of what really happened. Amazingly, they all belong to the same family. The son, Mikhail, the daughter, Sheena Bora, the second and the third husband in Sanjeev Khanna and Peter Mukerjea, Indrani’s stepson, Rahul, and the hapless driver, Shyamvar Rai. The varying testimonies have compounded Rakesh Maria’s problems, but the supercop is relentless. So is Indrani.

Far away from the prying eyes of the media and the public, inside an interrogation cell, a lot goes on. Suspects are made to ‘sing’ through force, torture and other techniques. For 10 days now, Indrani has faced interrogations to last a lifetime. She has been a victim of mental, physical, and emotional torture for days now, but the cops have nothing to show for it.

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The confusion and chaos that we are confronted with is the creation of the law authorities themselves. When Sheena first disappeared in 2012, her friends and brother Mikhail apparently lodge police complaints. They registered FIR for a missing person but the cops let the case die its natural death. They didn’t investigate the matter further.

Today, the same problem has taken a gigantic form, becoming more and more difficult to crack with each passing day.

In any and every murder case, three questions are crucial to answer. Who, why and how!

We don’t know who the real culprit is. The police are holding Indrani on the basis of a statement made by the driver. He revealed the sequence of events that led to Sheena’s murder. So, it’s his words against Indrani’s.

Police is only speculating on how Sheena must have been killed. The police, led to the crime scene by driver Shyamvar Rai, have recovered some human body parts, but there is no way to positively claim that it’s Sheena’s remains. For three years, the body was left to rot and dissolve beyond recognition. Today, we are not sure; it could be anyone’s remains!

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There are more than enough theories around the ‘why’. Motive is yet to be established, although it widely believed that money could be the factor.

The authorities are clueless, but it has become a matter of pride for the Mumbai police. The case is high-profile and all eyes are on Rakesh Maria. With nothing certain for sure, and pressure mounting, the Mumbai supercop is facing an uphill task.

Their approach towards Indrani’s third husband, media tycoon Peter Mukerjee, also raises questions. For around nine days, Peter was left alone by the cops. They presumed he couldn’t have played a role. It was a huge mistake, or rather an oversight on their part. He was, for the first time, formally questioned in the Sheena Bora murder case on Tuesday for over 10 hours. It was grueling, perhaps overcompensation on the police’s part.

Peter may have exploited his freedom and lack of suspicion on him to tie up some loose ends, who knows?

The Mumbai police is working and investigating Indrani with the pre-conceived idea that she is guilty. They have no evidence, but they are portraying Indrani as the real killer and giving us an indication that it’s only a matter of time before every link is in place and her guilt is established. Unless a suspect is proved guilty, he is innocent and must be treated that way.

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For how long can the law keep Indrani on suspicion? For how long can the police harass Indrani into confessing to a murder which she says she didn’t commit? It is becoming ridiculous now.

Either prove her guilt, or free her. That’s the law!

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