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‘Nirbhaya’ juvenile rapist is devilish & beyond repair, says Hema Malini. No one believes in transformations these days…

For the uninitiated, Hema Malini included, a devil is the ultimate spirit of evil. The juvenile did commit a heinous crime in the Delhi gang-rape case involving Nirbhaya, but he is not even close to being Satan-like. To say he’s devilish is being driven by extreme hatred and a complete absence of faith in mankind. People do change.


The actress, who promotes ‘Kent’, should weigh her words carefully. It’s a small point in the context of the whole Nirbhaya case, but if not checked, can potentially create unjustified impression in the minds of people.

The BJP MP from Mathura, whose smooth cheeks Lalu Prasad Yadav once wanted the Bihar roads to feel like, appealed for the juvenile to get the same punishment that the other three adults got. Many will agree, but there are other who won’t. He is perceived to be a threat to the society and there are calls asking him to be locked up for life.


But no one knows what’s hidden in the layers of time. He can transform, whatever the analysis of psychologists and IB be, exactly because he is not a devil!

He committed a terrible crime, or mistake, for some, and he ought to be punished for that. Perhaps, the three-year detention has changed him, perhaps not. Intelligence Bureau has expressed apprehension that he has been radicalised during his stay at the juvenile care centre, so shouldn’t be released. Most, driven by extreme emotion, are baying for his blood. But we can give the boy another chance, an opportunity to become a better man.


Those calling for death penalty for the juvenile, who is set to walk free on December 20, unless the Delhi High Court intervenes, should know death is not punishment. It’s a simple act of ending life, and no man is authorized to do so. How can we take away a life when we didn’t create one?

A report in a national newspaper says Delhi government’s department of women and child development (WCD) is ready with a rehabilitation plan for the juvenile. Under the plan, Nirbhaya’s killer will get a one-time financial grant of Rs 10,000 and a sewing machine so that he can start his life afresh as a tailor.

Even these people felt for India’s daughter, Nirbhaya, but they realize bringing yet another death will neither bring Nirbhaya back, nor will it act as a deterrent. After Nirbhaya’s death, the numbers of rape and murder cases have only risen. Reforming a man is a better service to society, rather than hanging.


The juvenile belongs to an extremely poor family. Father is mentally ill, while mother is in a state of semi-shock ever since she found out about his son’s terrible deeds. Younger siblings are too young to make a living. In one word – poverty.

The family would be hoping for their son to come home a changed man, and help them come out of their pathetic existence. But the loud voices of those asking for his death, or life-term, have drowned the cry of the helpless family.

I also feel for the parents of NIRBHAYA. I hope God gives them strength.

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