Modi-led India was always bad news for China. Now, the dragon is behaving as if it’s under-fire!

With the world chanting ‘Modi’, Modi’, China may be feeling slightly insecure. The rate at which the economy is shaping up, that day may not be too distant when India overtakes China, economically.


The act reflected a clear sign of insecurity. Apparently, it has been revealed that the United Nations officials took bribe from the Chinese to keep India from making any progress towards its goal of finding a permanent seat.

China is aware of India’s growing influence not just in the South Asian region, but also on world stage.

Aptly described as the ‘world help desk’, the UN, supposed keeper of peace, could possibly have turned into a platform for profit. Accepting more than a million dollars in bribes, John Ashe, a former UN ambassador was arrested at his home. Accepting $500,000 from Ng Lap Seng, a Chinese property dealer, gives an indication of how the United Nations is run.


Manhattan US attorney, Preet Bharara, who announced the arrests of Ashe and the other defendants, said the investigation could result in more charges as authorities examine whether “corruption is business as usual at the United Nations.”

The arrests of Mr Ng and his assistant were revealing. Allegedly, they lied to US customs officials about why they had brought $4.5 million in cash into the country in a series of trips by private jet.


While China cannot possibly block India’s passage, whenever it is time for it to happen, the country’s obsessive behaviour is making people nervous.

People, on both the sides, are confused about China’s gameplan. Does it want to enable peace in the region, or has it pre-decided that there will be space for only one country of power in the region. And it is definitely not India.