Meet the IITian who set out for a test ride but disappeared into the sunset with a virgin Harley Davidson!

The poor people running the Harley Davidson showroom in Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, can make some sense of it all now. After all, it was a dude from IIT who put a dent to their reputation. A mere mortal couldn’t have possibly conceived the idea.

IITians are a shrewd breed, mostly not of a harmful kind. They are simply too smart to handle, that’s all.

A few days back, a CCTV grab showed a man zip off on a Street 750 cc bike for a test ride. What the camera footage didn’t show was that the man never returned with the bike.

Probably in his 30s, the man had introduced himself as Syed Taher. The Hyderabad Police has, though, cracked his identity.
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He is Turlapati Kiran, aged 27, IIT-Madras graduate. While he committed the act, he was engaged with ONGC offshore site in Mumbai as executive engineer. Now, we don’t know for sure whether he is still employed with them.

When he was gone with the bike, and missing, his father was taken into police custody to bring him in. Turlapati Prakash, his father, is an ex-junior commissioned officer, who worked in Hyderabad as a Special Police Officer (SPO).

Turlapati Kiran was either high on some drug, or had a serious plan for a getaway. Only, he hadn’t imagined his father could derail the game plan.

The act was senseless, of course. But my mind keeps going back to the traumatised representatives at the showroom. How are they coping up? Next time someone wants to test drive, rest assured there’d be a pillion-rider from the company, probably a muscular one.