Male Rape: Why this Discrimination?

Born in the country of Maryada Purshottam Ram, where the status of women is still in the ruins of the heinous crimes against them, the inequality has taken over the most of the opportunities for them. The Man rises high in the male dominant society. Everything is just too easy if you are a man in our country, the most distressful moment turns into a carpet of rose. Each and every male deity in the country is the picture of the power and manhood. And this shows that even our mythology is male dominated. But is the picture for the man in the ‘the country of Maryada Purshottam Ram’ is really this rosy?

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Ram was the only child of his mother and two years ago, he lost his father in a road accident. One night Ram came home late, and this had not happened ever because he used to be very punctual. His mother was worried to death, but when finally he appeared on the front steps of the house, she was more than happy to finally have him home. As he entered the house there was something that had changed – he was not able to walk properly and was limping, the look on his face was horrifying and it made his mother scream. Somebody must have beaten the hell out of him. It was as if his face had drowned in blood. When his mother asked him what happened there were no words that came out of his mouth, he just said ‘don’t worry everything will be alright’. But he knew that nothing is going to be alright, he was in the excruciating pain. He suffered from something very unorthodox that night. He wanted to scream out loud the fear, the disgust, the pain but he could not. He tried to keep up with the demeanor of ‘The Man’ in the house, his mother was finally happy that everything is really alright and one day he was not down for the breakfast when his mother came into his room, he was lying still on the bed just his body was totally blue due to the consumption of lethal poison. And there was the letter that revealed the heinous crime that took place and had murdered his very soul. ‘The Rape’- the rapist not only taken his soul, but also a hope of life of a loving mother.

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Male rape and the Idiotic misconceptions:

Being a boy, a man in the world does not make you invulnerable, the diseased mutts are roaming in the streets, lingering in the darkened alley and they don’t really care if you are a man or a boy or a girl. The crime that involves the sexual harassment and sexual violation of one’s body is now a days very closely monitored by the media and the society too. But there is still one more aspect that lacks the attention that it really requires. The sexual crime against the Male. They also suffer eve-teasing, they are also touched inappropriately in public and crowded places. But the misconception that is tagged along with this sex about the horrific sexual crimes are

  • Males are not vulnerable: It does not mean that if it is stated that the male are the tougher sex in the society they are not vulnerable. Actually the person with the sick mentality looking forward to make a kill will not see if his victim is a male or a female. He would take anyone as his pick for extinguishing his carnal desire.
  • Males always want sex: They are not dogs in heat that they will be on the continuous sexual drive and would not welcome the rapist with an open arm to rape them so that they can have the pleasure of being raped.
  • Must be lucky: Everybody out there who don’t know that how a man could be raped then let us tell you a forcible penile insertion in your anus also known as Sodomy. It is more severe than the vaginal insertion and is labelled as inhumanly. So, No man is lucky or enjoys being raped.

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Why this discrimination and why the feminist bullshit?

When a girl is raped it is surely a case of utter disgust and shame, but when a man is raped first of all due to his own reputation as the holder of eminent power he himself does not reveal that he is being. And second of all it does not matter to all of us this much if a boy got raped and really the reason is still unknown. Is it because he cannot get pregnant? Now that will be the only lame reason for this then.

What comes even more as a shock is that there is no law for ‘The Male Rape’ in India and The Indian Penal Code, section 377 is the only law that criminalizes the non-consensual carnal intercourse that include having sex against the order of nature.

The rape definition in Section 375 of Indian Penal Code does not include male rape. Even the ‘Feminist groups’ in India do not have any idea about against what they are raising their voices. Two times when government tried to implement the law for male rape, strong objections were raised by feminist groups that made the Indian government decided to restore the term rape and state that only men can be the rapists of women and it would further harm the interests of female rape victims.

Women were earlier considered to be the epitome of virtues. And now, thanks to our feminists, the men are considered to be the vessels of all vices. Anything wrong that happens in this world is because of a male. A male, simple, stylish, tall, short, good build, lean- all of them are there to fuck you. The feminists have preached feminism to an extent that it has become a revenge strategy to establish matraiarchy and vagina as the ruling master and throw the phallus to the margins – Thus rendering the males – useless, helpless, pervert, and the greatest rapists.

Men are not lucky and they can be a victim too and can suffer from innumerable psychological disturbances as a result of sexual abuse. So it is our moral duty that we should not only consider the girls as the victim, but also the men and take actions against the cruel, ill crime and here men demands the equality for their rights.

Congratulations Feminists, You destroyed humanity by dehumanizing the males.

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