Infidelity: key to a happy marriage!

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Call it enlightened living or simply a channel to spice up your monotonous, boring life, infidelity is finding increasing acceptance among the current generation. Extra marital affairs are no longer frowned upon. There is a paradigm shift and it is shocking! It is scandalous, yet it’s here, there, everywhere! This, we all can see. But I bet you didn’t think cheating could help improve the quality of your marriage!

In the 90s, where I truly belonged,  this was unthinkable. To suggest such an idea would have invited flak from everyone. Today, if you are thinking about having an affair, if you even walked out on your beloved, do know that you are potentially helping your relationship. Having two parallel partnerships that are both sexual and emotional in nature can offer life transforming answers.

A relationship outside of marriage can add sparkle to a lackluster partnership. What used to be dull and stale gets recharged by a new energy. In fact, why do you have an affair? Surely, because there was something missing in your first relationship? If you are smart and want to save your marriage, you would actually study the affair to be able to see what it is that you lack, and address that problem.
Interestingly, wives and committed girlfriends are as engaged in these affairs as husbands, even if in Indian society, we like to think otherwise. There could be a million reason behind violating the sanctity of marriage in a woman’s case. Diminishing sex lives is the number one reason. They are out there in the workplace, giving them opportunity to meet other men. If the husbands lead busy lives, wives feel neglected and lovers make them feel special…

For them, the ‘other man’ is critical to their marriage’s survival. They help women stay conveniently in their marriage, which is otherwise lifeless. Because they find happiness with the lover, there is no need to rock the marriage. This is a woman who is a good wife, a good mother, a successful career woman and a good lover. These relationships with the ‘other man’ satisfy her. It also changes her marital life for good.
One of my friends described her lover as a vehicle through which she understood what was missing in the marriage. She gave up her affair with a pledge to transform the marriage into a beautiful association.

For some couples, the affair is a medium that unravels lingering marital issues. It can finally burst open whatever is wrong with the relationship and have the couple deal with it. It’s not as simple, yes, but there are possibilities that can pleasantly shock you.

Focus on self-satisfaction within romantic partnerships has never been so intense and out in the open. Using an affair as an opportunity to help save a marriage has gained ground in the recent past. Yet it is only starting to be discussed publicly.
grand-masti-4vHigh-profile couples like Bill and Hillary Clinton, have weathered the storms of infidelity and have emerged stronger than ever. It makes sense.

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