Hilarious Ridiculous Suspicious Villainous Indian Pregnancy Myths!!!


When you are pregnant get ready to be bombarded with free advice from all directions. People pour in superstitious beliefs which are passed from one generation to the other. Indian pregnant women get to hear a lot of advice. Some of the top listed myths include:

  • Hanging pictures of beautiful babies on the wall result in cute babies.

Totally the looks and the features of the newborn baby depend on the genetics and the pictures hanging on the wall will do no good except getting positivity in the mother’s head.


  • Drinking coconut water after the seventh month of pregnancy makes the baby’s head as large as the coconut.

One false statement every pregnant Indian woman gets to hear. This is fairly false. It is obviously good for a mother’s health but, It will have no impact on the size of the baby’s head.


  • Drinking coconut water will result in the baby having a lot of hair 

Again not true, the baby generally lays head-down in the third trimester and the acidity that the mother suffers from is a result of her growing belly. Plus the hair and the coconut water has no links.


  • Eating something white first thing in the morning will result in a fair-skinned baby.

This is a sheer myth, an untrue unreal statement. If something like this happened everyone who eats bread and drinks milk in the morning would have been fair.


  • One should not indulge in any activity during an eclipse else the baby will be born with some deformity.

 General precautions like not looking into the eclipse with naked eyes need to be taken by everyone, not just by pregnant women.


  • The shape of the stomach can help determine the sex of the baby.

You truly cannot predict the gender of the baby by the shape of stomach, the shape depends on the way the child lays.

boy or girl

  • The type of cravings a pregnant woman has can determine the sex of the baby.

This is really unimaginable. Scientifically the cravings are due to deficiency of certain food in the body and because it is a girl or a boy.

babies in eggs

  • The mother’s complexion determines the sex of the baby.

With such statements it is heights of predicting sex of the child. Hormones do affect the skin of the child but not the sex.


  • Eating ghee or oil will help the baby slide out from the vagina during labour.

Ghee or oil is just adding to the fat in your body which is very difficult to shed once the baby is born.


  • Pregnant women need to double their diet quantity as they are eating for two people.

The mostly said statement but is untrue again.  Though you are eating for two people, you do not have to double the quantity of food. All you need to add is 300 extra calories.


Whatever may be the case it is good to take precautions but not go with the flow because most of the myths you get to hear are ridiculous and have nothing to do in the real timing.
Happy Motherhood Ladies !!!