Facebook has betrayed the trust of millions of users. It sleeps while paedophiles roam its dark alleys!

Imagine the power a Facebook administrator, sitting in Menlo, California, possesses. The range of possibilities is limitless. He controls the accounts of 1.18 billion monthly users. If he wants, he can manipulate your photographs and personal information to his advantage and pleasure of a sadistic kind.

Innocently, and keeping enough faith in the ethics of Facebook, we upload our pictures of all shapes and sizes, and rest assured that it’s for the consumption of friends only. Little do we know that so much filth can be attached to our images! It’s a scary thought.


The issue at hand is different, though.

Facebook needs to be more responsible and pro-active when it comes to social responsibility. The company, which declared a net income of $2.94 billion in 2014, was in the news in April for all things wrong! Apparently, the social networking company deliberately ignored the presence of a Facebook Page which hosted sexual pictures of young girls and boys. Although the Page was blocked, it was only after a flurry of complaints from parents in Kerala. Facebook did not consider it seriously paedophilic enough to step in on its own and shut the Page down.

The page, “Kochu Sundarikal” (young beauties) in Malayalam, had around 7,539 likes and countless child abuse followers. Even though there were no nude pictures, most of the images had vulgar comments of sexual nature. It was banned and we thought that was the end of it! We were so wrong, and so naive!


“Kochu Sundarikal” is back with a bang, in a more sexual avatar. The paedophiles are flocking to the site in bigger numbers. It has already gained a staggering 4,500 likes already. They are fearlessly challenging the legal machinery, and testing Facebook’s response, again. Once again, Facebook have been caught sleeping. It’s anarchy, almost.

Raji Mohan, parent of a 10-year-old girl, said the content of the page was chilling and it was a pit stop for paedophiles. “This is a blatant misuse of social media and government should bring some law to ban them all,” were her sentiments.

The police aren’t doing much because the Page does not violate any ‘technical guidelines’ of Facebook, and because there is no nudity.

The website in question is a child prostitution site, and largely a “den of paedophiles”. The perverts rummage around the site, lifting pictures parents took of their children, and images youngsters shared with friends.


And this is just one such Page! There are hundred other such Pages that embarrass and humiliate thousand other innocent girls…

Facebook is no longer interested in being just friends, it now wants to be your universe! What Mark Zuckerberg and his co-founders invented was a platform to simply interact and share among friends. Today, it has become a behemoth that has spiralled out of control.