Don’t talk to strangers, but sleep with them

With due respect to all those who believe in the fabric of Indian society,
it’s time to face the hard truth. The narrative is likely to hurt your
sentiments and belief system but if you think about it, you will realise
how relevant and reasonable it is.

Did you know you may be making mistakes that could ruin your marriage? In
India, children do not enjoy much freedom. Parents make ground rules and
generally operate with an iron fist. So much is enforced upon children
today. From safety tips to dos and don’ts, there is an excess of imposed


It seems we have failed to evolve as a society. Even in today’s
technology-driven world, parents tell their children to avoid strangers
absolutely. Fear is considered to be the main reason behind it. Fear of so
many mishaps. Unfounded fears come in the way of your opportunities and if
you only wait for people to initiate conversations, you will face multiple
handicaps in future.

How ironical it is. We are told to avoid talking to strangers but are
pushed into marrying one. As individuals, we don’t have independent
identities. For us, parents’ words are the last. Rebellion and revolt are
unthinkable ideas.


Marrying for the wrong reasons can ruin lives – yours, your partners’, and
your parents’ and more importantly, your kids’.

An important question to the so-called custodians of the Indian society: –
If we were to marry a stranger and sleep with them, why isn’t our
upbringing the same? Why aren’t we prepared since childhood for such a
situation?  Why can’t we talk to just any damn person?


You may find the best of friends in strangers. Let’s just break the rules
and bring forward a hand of friendship to strangers. You need to keep the
saying in your mind “Smile and the world will smile with you.”
If you are still marrying a stranger (forget sleeping with one) there may
be a few things that need your immediate attention. Something must be
seriously wrong.

One life is all we have and we live it as we believe in living it.