Don’t despair, hope is round the corner… A heart-warming story that will restore your faith in humanity!

We live in a world where everyone is disconnected. It’s a world in which compassion and care are extinct virtues. It’s a world in which we pass by a dying man, afraid and too busy to stop and lend a hand. Whether he dies or survives, he is no one’s business. We have all formed our own little, private islands.

In India, particularly, people are too self-centered and don’t bother sparing time for others.Our concern should not be limited to ourselves, it should extend far and wide. When did we become so insensitive towards those who need us? Perhaps, it has become so common now that we do not consider it as a problem.

One man, who shook the conscience of millions across the world, could inspire many others to show kindness.

Canadian Harman Singh of India origin was at his home in Auckland when a boy, who was walking to school with his elder sister, was hit by a car. Singh, 22, rushed to the spot after hearing the screeching of car wheels and the ensuing commotion. Harman did something which was unbelievable. Gauging the condition of the bleeding child and acting on his feet, he took off his turban in public, without thinking about the religious protocol, and wrapped it around the boy’s head to stop the blood from oozing out.

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This case is the rarest of all, where a Sikh person did not care about his religious rules and put humanity ahead.

humanity, religion, auckland

This proves humanity is still alive among Indians, whether they stay in India or abroad. India needs to take a lesson from one of Her own. People in India don’t even bother to take the injured to the hospital. In most cases, the difference between life and death was the delay in helping the victim reach hospital on time. Archana Pandya’s accident is a classic example. She lay bleeding on the road for a good 20 minutes, no one cared to help her. Had she been taken to hospital in time, she would have been alive today. It is a shocking reflection on a country that boasts about its soulful nature. When asked about the incident, Singh said religious protocols do not restrict action in emergency situations, when there is case of life and death.

Yet another incident took place in Hyderabad, where Muslim neighbors helped finance the funeral of a Hindu man. The funeral procession of 60 year old P. Bala Raju, who was not a famous personality, caught everyone’s attention because it was attended by a large number of Muslims. Neighbors of Bala Raju, who were mostly Muslims, contributed money for the cremation of the man with full Hindu rites. This incident highlights the beauty of religious coexistence in India. The Harman story also tells us that humanity exists.

humanity, religion, auckland