Concepts so old, Can’t be Bold

Who said Old is Gold, today you need to be bold and break the old. For a very long while we have been going with a certain set of predefined rules. Though our society is changing with time, and so are the people, but are we really changing or the age old concepts still prevail in our head?

Basically, let us just rewind our memories and go back in time. Whatever your age may be but you will have certain vague memories of childhood in your head till date. Plus whatever you are taught in childhood stays with you forever. Just like everything has pros and cons, every thought has its dull and bright side.

A lot about our upbringing is positive but why don’t we take a look at the dull side of the same. You visit the western countries, kids are chucked out of their house the day they turn 18 to find their livelihood, but here kids can be spoon-fed for the entire life by their parents. We need to change a lot of things which include:

· Boys and girls are not born different, It is the society that roots the difference

· The situation in India is a do or die, if you leave your family to earn your living the society will kill you with taunts like “ He/she ran leaving his/her parents” and if you sit idle at work then the dialogues go as “ He/ she is a loser and couldn’t do a thing in life”.

· The Indian boys are told about business rules since birth and are considered as the earning hand of the household. Why can’t they try their hands at the household chores like laundry and cooking too?

· The Indian religion and culture is biased too, why don’t Hindu married men also have to carry any symbol of marriage like women wear Mangalsutra and sindoor?

· Also the preference for boys over girls goes back millennia. Boys perform the last rites at their parents’ funeral. They carry the family name and when they marry the girl is expected to change her name and adjust according to the family.

· We teach women that whatever happens you will have to stay calm rather we need to teach them that no one is allowed to hit them ever and they can choose the profession they like, and most importantly they should know how to say a NO.

· Rather than telling “boys not to cry”, we need to tell them “not to make girls cry”. We need to make them accept the fact that women and girls are people and not objects.

· Indian women are taught that they are the true assets of every family for they are taking care of their parents, siblings and husbands .But they can be reliable, strong support and even equally or better money earners in a lot of cases.

· Respect is a one way street that goes from children to parents and this is how it should go. But this is false we need to change the route.

It is high time we pull up our socks, be the change and bend the rules. Such a scenario should not go on to the further generations.

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