Arnab Goswami: “What if I prove Radhe Maa thinks she is Durga’s reincarnation? Prahlad Kakkar: “I won’t believe you,” and he burst out laughing, mockingly!

Passengers onboard the Jet Airways flight from Aurangabad to Mumbai on Sunday raised objections to self-proclaimed Godwoman Radhe Maa being allowed to carry a foot-long metal trishul.

However, the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) officials at the Aurangabad airport said none of the security rules were violated, and that Radhe Maa was allowed to carry the trishul because it was “blunt.


Jet Airways’ claims to have in place the finest, latest security standards in the country was clearly busted after this incident. A normal individual carrying it would have been, perhaps, taken into custody for interrogation. Such a security lapse on Jet Airways part is reported to be under investigation…

“Log bewakoof hain” (people are stupid fools!), was my dad’s instant reaction on watching ‘Radhe Maa’ and her raucous followers on television. Seemingly educated young men and women, wearing Radhe Maa bandanas, had built a wall around her to keep the media at a distance.


Like a wolf pack, though, the media kept pace, circling around her, looking for even the slightest of openings to pounce. One did, and the response and the mannerism couldn’t have been more misleading. In a calm and collected tone, Radhe Maa whispered, “Log jo keh rahe hain, kehne do. Bhagwan jaanta hai main nirdosh hoon.” I have para-phrased it.

Heavily draped in red, like she was going straight to her own wedding, and carrying a Trishul and a rose in each hand, Radhe Maa graced people as she took baby steps towards wherever she was headed…


Radhe Maa is trending right now. Every television channel, every newspaper, and every online portal has a thing or two to say about this dame.

On Times Now, Prahlad Kakkar fought vociferously. A supporter of Radhe Maa, India’s most popular adman took on the likes of Arnab Goswami (an unachievable feat!) and Supreme Court lawyer, Sanjay Hegde. He put up a brave fight, but there was no substance in his defense of Radhe Maa. Yet, he held his ground.

Arnab Goswami, frustrated at not being able to dominate Prahlad Kakkar, like he is used to dominating his guests in the TV studio, said, “What if I prove to you that Radhe Maa considers herself to be a representative of Durga Maa? What will you do then?” poor Arnab thought he had Prahlad by the scruff of his neck. He was wrong.

The adman shot back, “I won’t believe you,” and then he burst out in a fit of laughter, leaving Arnab red-faced!


Hilarity aside, who is this woman? Sukhvinder Kaur, urf Radhe Maa, believes she is Durga Ma’s reincarnation, or something of that comical sort. Apparently, there are over one hundred thousand lost souls who follow her. The lady in red has successfully hypnotised, and converted, over one lac people. They have helped her create a financial empire so large so soon, it doesn’t add up.

Various thoughts come to mind, but it would be reckless to voice them out. But this much must be said: Which self-respecting Indian woman would allow a stranger, with obvious lust in his eyes, lift her up improperly, using her ‘behind’ as a support base? She was being carried by a person, who was clearly salivating with sexual tension. The so-called male disciples were seen tugging at her, offering to pick her up.


Remember, Radhe Maa is being reported internationally. It’s important that the authorities step up their effort to indict her in the dowry case in which she stands as the main accused, for inciting and creating rift in the family of Manmohan Gupta, a popular Mumbai businessman who had give Radhe Maa a place in his house.

In July 2015, Nikki Gupta of the Gupta family named Radhe Maa, her husband Nakul Gupta, and five others in a dowry-related complaint. Nikki accused Radhe Maa of instigating her in-laws to demand more dowry, and of forcing her to work at the ashram, where she was physically assaulted.

Babas like Asaram Bapu, Nithayanad, Ramdev, and Nirmal Baba have exploited ignorant, innocent people, cheating them of their money and properties.

Activist-lawyer Falguni Brahmbhatt lodged a police complaint against her for obscenity, running a business disguised as religion, fraud and cheating.

The noose could be quickly closing around her.

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