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Amity student committed suicide for getting barred from exams. How much discipline is too much for the young generation?

Sushant Rohilla

It’s been nine days since Sushant Rohilla (20), a fourth year student of BA-LLB course in Amity Law School, Noida committed suicide. Yet another life was lost, owing to academic pressure and regulations. Sushant’s family and friends allege that he claimed his life because he was not allowed to take his third year examinations over low attendance.

Two senior faculty members of the institute have already resigned on Friday, as pressure on them grew for abetting Sushant Rohilla’s suicide. However, Amity University’s fact finding committee has given a clean chit to the authorities and some faculty members. The panel says it can’t be made responsible for Sushan’t death, because the college and faculty were merely sticking to the regulations of Guru Gobind Singh IP University.

Sushant Rohilla was a 3rd year Law student of the Amity Law School

The panel says there was no way Sushant Rohilla could have been allowed to take the exams because his attendance was only 29%. Even with additional grace attendance for activities like moot court competitions, it amounted to 43%. Importantly, Sushant was not taken by surprise by the college’s decision. He and his father were informed thrice about his short attendance.

So what could have triggered the young man to claim his life? Was it extreme despair for missing a semester? If that was the case, it’s tragic that a young life was snubbed just because he was going to lag six months in the academic calendar. But distress works in strange ways. For Sushant, it must have seemed the end of his academic dreams.

Sushant’s father Jagdish Kumar’s post on Facebook

But was it wrong to prohibit a student from sitting for the test because he couldn’t attend classes to a desired percentage? Eighteen other students were barred by Amity Law School for lacking attendance. Isn’t attending classes a prerequisite for any undergrad?

It seems the case is not as simple. Sushant’s friends are angry that the college was partial to him. They claim another girl student was allowed to sit for her exams because she was a Miss India contestant, although her attendance was abysmally low. So was Amity Law School blinded by the glamour quotient of a prospective Miss India who had the potential to bring her college in the limelight? If this is true, then it’s a horrible thing to happen.

Sushant Rohilla
Two Amity teachers have resigned over the suicide

Cruel, sadistic teachers are everywhere. Shaming, hitting or boycotting are the ways some teachers use to subjugate students they dislike. There have been media reports in the past when in several government schools in India, teachers have hit students so hard that they have been injured for life. A few years ago, I was horrified to read an article where a primary school teacher made his students work like his slaves. They were forced to polish his shoes, bring him food, massage his head, and what not!

But not all teachers are monsters they are made out to be. And in the future, teachers at Amity will be hesitant to take disciplinary measures, lest they push someone to take an extreme step. And this could be a sad day for the teachers and students too!

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