Air India does it again- The Goof Up King

 Air India

After one incident of shame on Air India PR where Air India did not let the passengers board the flight because they were 5 minutes late where the passengers came 55 minutes prior even though, according to the message AIR delivered which read that passengers had to come 45 minutes prior the take off time still they weren’t granted entry. There is yet another incident where Air India flight on Tuesday from Mumbai to Delhi could not take off on time as one of the pilots did not turn up on time since he was delayed at a temple where he had gone for the Mahashivratri festivities.

air idia pr

Air India airlines were delayed by 3 hours, even though the passengers had boarded the plane and they had to face a lot of problem.


Think before you book Air India tickets because since a past few months the flight has not been on time and on an average 60% flights were delayed in the past 6 months.The Air India flight is also alleged to have been compromising with flight safety norms and the passengers comfort as well.

If the passengers make mistakes it is not done, but if the pilot delays it is so done for the officials. Shame on Air India