15 Nuisance Statements made by Indian Hypocrites

Who said India is a developing nation?

Look around and you will feel that there is still a lot that needs a change. We might have developed a lot but by the end of the day we stay reluctant to certain things even today. We are nobody but just a stack of servants of Indian society who fear raising the status of women in Indian society. There are few statements that we have been hearing since long and we continue to stay hesitant to raise a voice against these.

Let’s refresh your memory with some of the most vulgar and insensitive statements designed by our venerable men



This is a cheap and heart-breaking statement. Living in the 21st century, we ought to be slightly more educated and informed on this. Perhaps a lesson in Biology would be a good start? It is the men who are responsible for the gender of children. Men make both the X and Y chromosomes while women produce just the X chromosomes. And by the way, Y is for male!



What an insensitive thought! Why can’t they understand the done harm to a woman’s body because of the birth control pills? Women run the risk of encountering multiples health issues while wearing a condom during sex takes nothing away from them…


The “Chalta hai” attitude has destroyed even the basic thought process. Indian society is deeply entrenched in its primeval mindset and only a revolution can save it from total chaos. We need to remind ourselves what Mahatma Gandhi said..“Jurm karne se bada gunehgaar jurm sehne wala hota hai”.


Dowry just got a new name; the new name is “GIFTS FOR THE FAMILY”. But the stupid demands continue to go on and on.


There is this false sense of pride men have. Reminding women that they need to remain quiet when two ‘men’ are talking reeks of chauvinistic tendency. There is no sense of respect for women and then to proclaim that India is a developing, evolving nation doesn’t fool anyone.


Even talking can be a crime in this lovely Indian society for women. Our society needs to advance and accept women as not only equals, but an asset.


So if you are not an adult, you can get away with murder and rape. It’s ok for a boy to violate women so that he can satisfy his urges? Perverts are perverts and they cannot be spared.


That women should not dream too big is yet another reflection of Indian men’s mental degeneration.


Sadly, even parents, as is evident is many recent cases, have been known to try and suppress wrongdoings in the family. Social taboos, inhibitions and fear of ridicule have driven women to death but we never learn…


One of the reasons why India can never develop into an empowered nation is because our women face subjugation of all kinds. Asking your spouse to sit at home is abusing her dignity and clipping her wings. Lack of independence and freedom is killing millions of aspirations of Indian women. Let’s show some respect.


This assumption that men are superior to women must be confronted now.


Women in India are discouraged from filing police complaints because of the fear of ridicule and exposure. What exposure? A society that does not care for the safety and dignity of women is a society without soul. And we are becoming exactly that…


To get daughters married is a burden in India. Nothing is as important as marriage. They don’t care about her personality development and are not concerned about her education. Such narrow-mindedness will never allow India to prosper..


Classic male mentality! They know that education has the potential to shape their daughter’s future but that is not important. The impatience to get rid of her and with it, their most important responsibility, has no place for emotion and bond. It’s heartless


Those who man handle women are the lowest variety of human beings. What can we say about them?


It’s high time we realise that we are lacking basic sense and we need to pull up our socks. Change is the need of the hour.

Picture Credits: Anish Chakraborty