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What’s the point, Bajirao Ranveer Singh? Casting couch and indecent proposals are in Bollywood’s DNA, and you knew it

You are bold, and for some women, beautiful. But you turned ugly, notwithstanding your gelled up, curved mustache, when you spoke of being the victim of a lewd invitation when you were starting out. You say you were invited by a casting director to his home in Andheri, portraying the man as “a highly sleazy gentleman”, and said the man did not even look at your portfolio.


I believe you knew all along…

You have been in the film industry for quite a while now. Every time I see you on television, you are either trying to be raunchy, or struggling hard to be a wannabe. You never came across as a man hurt by the memory of being asked to be ‘touched and felt’. So I’m thinking, what triggered this revelation so late in the day?

You are well settled in Bollywood now. You have more hits than misses. You have dated, and been discarded, by top women. Deepika Padukone appears scared when you are around her in award shows. When hosting award nights, you are the funniest man, at least that’s what you believe, with your sick jokes and vulgar body language. But be that as it may, you are on your way up.

ranveer anushka

So what prompted you to speak about being asked to pull your pants down years ago? Why not back then, real time, when it happened? Since this is revelation time, tell me, did you bring it down, after all? Whether you did, or not, no one really cares, Ranveer. Just act well. A majority of us will continue to go to theatres to see you do your bit, anyway.

The glamour industry is a give and take world, as long as the one soliciting and offering in return are consenting adults. The details are inconsequential, Ranveer. Every profession has certain demands and hazards. If you were subjected to it, you should take it in passing.



The whole age-old controversy around casting couch is overrated. Just move on.

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