Welcome back to the Wankhede, Shahrukh. How long before you get drunk and pick up another fight?

I remember the incident vividly, like it happened just yesterday. It was May, 2012, and I was sitting in the first row, may be a couple of meters away from the gyrating cheer girls. Kolkata Knight Riders had just beaten Mumbai Indians in their own backyard and Shahrukh Khan was impossible to contain. Acting on instinct, and under the influence of alcohol, the KKR owner rushed onto the field in wild celebration. Following him were his family members and friends of King Khan’s children.


The stadium guard, an old man, tried to stop the ‘Badshaah’ but his obnoxious and unpardonable behaviour was too overpowering for the hapless guard. An intoxicated King Khan then went on to heckle and abuse the MCA officials.

Consequently, the MCA managing committee was forced to ban Shah Rukh Khan from entering the Wankhede Stadium for a period of five years! That was only three years ago, but the ban has been lifted already.


The Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA) has ended Bollywood superstar’s five-year ban on entering the Wankhede Stadium. They believe Shahrukh has done his time and should not be stopped from entering the stadium.

This was expected. The Mumbai Cricket Association was never going to keep Khan’s ban for five years. Shahrukh Khan is too important a celebrity, especially in Mumbai, to be left out of action. The MCA understands Shahrukh pulls crowd and and plays a significant role in helping the MCA’s coffers swell. Its purely a business decision, and has nothing to do with anything else.


If the MCA thinks their decision to revoke his ban will be appreciated by all, they should think again.

A decision was taken on the 12th of May, in 2012. The decision was to punish Shahrukh for manhandling an old guard, abusing MCA officials and generallu creating a ruckus on the hallowed ground. The grounds are reserved for the players. Even the presentation ceremony party has to first get clearance. King Khan’s indifference to the protocol was a serious issue and the decision by the board to ban him was seen as the right move.

It’s the stakes which are so high. Shahrukh in the stands makes business sense.

In the end, I would like to share something.

As a child, whenever I heard his name, I jumped with joy. A tingling sensation gripped me. His irresistible dimples melted me. I guess I was in love with him. I still have the scrapbook, with his pictures and other memories. I imagined him as a kind, humble, and compassionate man. Every time Kolkata Knight Riders played in Delhi, I was right there at Firozshah Kotla, cheering his team.

 just to cheer for his time. My fights and arguments with my friends over him were endless.