SHOCKING MYSTERY: Facts about Titanic, the ship that was made to sink

Who doesn’t remember the Hollywood blockbuster movie TITANIC with the darling actor Leonardo De Caprio? Well, it is not the real story or perhaps just a part of the story.


The biggest ship of its kind, the Titanic was built ‘unsinkable’ (or so we thought) by its owners White Star Line. But on April 15, 1912, it hit an iceberg and sank in the icy water of the North Atlantica, with the loss of 1517 lives.How will you react if you get to know that the sinking of the Titanic was planned? It was not even planned, but in reality the ship that sank was not Titanic at all. It was Olympic, her sister ship. It was planned as one of the world’s greatest insurance frauds. Olympic was badly damaged in collision with another ship. The information you’ll read below is not just a conspiracy theory, but rather well-recorded in the books of World History.

1.   The Titanic and Olympic were “switched” in an insurance-fraud scheme


Its Almost  hundred years since the sinking of the Titanic, but did it accidentally hit an iceberg, or was it an insurance job gone wrong, or an attempt to bump off bankers who were going to oppose the newly formed Federal Reserve. Titanic and Olympic differed slightly, Parts were stripped from the Titanic to repair the Olympic. The crippled Olympic was converted into the almost-completed Titanic, the Titanic then assumes her older sister’s identity

2.   Titanic actually ran into the stern of one of the waiting ships.


This collision did far more extensive damage than the plan had originally allowed for, and the ship sank much more rapidly than had been anticipated, with the resultant horrible loss of life among both passengers and crew. The passengers described feeling a ‘shudder’. But if that size ship, travelling at that speed had hit an iceberg of that size, the noise would have been huge and the impact would have hit everyone off their feet.

3.   The fact that J.P. Morgan who had booked the most luxurious suite on Titanic for her maiden voyage but cancelled at the last minute citing ill health, was found by reporters after the sinking at a French resort with his mistress only added to the speculation

Speaking of JP Morgan, who was one of the founders of White Star Line had his very own private suite and promenade deck of the Titanic. He was supposed to be on that fateful maiden voyage, but canceled passage. Coincidence or part of Morgan’s plan?

4.   Titanic ignored all warning calls about iceberg


Many calls were made to the Titanic that day warning of an extremely high number of icebergs in the area, but the captain ignored warnings and was actually going faster than usual.

5.   Wrong colour Flares used to signal distress


Once the Titanic struck the iceberg, the captain and his crew used white flares to signal distress. Unfortunately, white flares are not the colour used to signal distress. Red flares are always used to show distress. So the closest ship, the California, ignored the flares, assuming it was a celebratory signal, rather than an emergency.

6.   NO help by nearby ship Carpathia


Just by chance another of the White Star lines, ships, The Carpathia, was in the area, actually not that close, but it had no passengers or cargo, other than 3000 blankets and jumpers on the board. Still made no rescue attempts.

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Well, everything was pre-planned. This Makes us pity the tragically planned staging of the sinking of Titanic, that went disastrously wrong and more than 1,500 souls perished. At the end, it doesn’t matter which ship sank. What matters is the loss of lives of the people. Just to take the money back from the insurance company, the owners of the White Star Line played such a big game. Why didn’t they care about the people in the ship. Thanks to GPS, such incidents cannot repeat in near future.

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