Radio’s Hall of Shame: Radio Mirchi, Red FM must tame loose cannons Naved and Raunak! ‘Murga’ and ‘Baua’ are risky jokes!

Anarchy is running riot at Indian radio stations in Delhi and NCR. Private frequencies, as well as national ones, have become completely unrestrained. The Radio Jockeys do whatever the hell they want to do; there is no one to keep a check on them. My morning drive to work is full of irritating moments, but they are mostly shocking.


Popular Radio jockeys, like Naved and Raunak, have belittled and violated the radio platform. They take advantage of their position and we are forced to listen to their gibberish, forced because there is no respite. Switching from one radio station to another doesn’t help, and shutting the radio down makes the drive boring and sluggish… If you try to escape Radio Mirchi’s Naved, you will bump into Raunak, who would be sitting comfortably in his 93.5 studio, blabbering away to glory. If you go further still, 91.1’s Ginni will catch you off guard and fry your brain with her attempt at trying to sound and behave like a journalist.

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There is nowhere to hide, you can’t even take shelter at 102.6. The national radio station has gone from bad to worse, it has decayed and regressed. The radio jockeys at Rainbow India sound undeveloped, mentally, and their language is pitiable. Not one radio jockey at the All India Radio station has command over Hindi, let alone English. In fact, AIR FM 102.6 should stop airing western music.

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On occasions when I am driving home late at night, I hear them play western music. I don’t know where they pick them up from, but the standard of the English-speaking RJs is beyond belief, it is so poor. They have zero sense of music, they are unable to pronounce difficult names, their English is broken and between songs, they get on our nerves with their baseless chit-chat.

AIR FM 102.6 is still tolerable, though, because of some mature, sensible RJs. They are keeping the radio station afloat with their experience and command of the language. Private channels, on the other hand, have gone completely rogue.

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Radio stations, like Radio Mirchi 98.3FM, Radio City 91.1 and Red FM 93.5, are making a mockery of their listeners with their tactless, stupid and vulgar chit-chats. Their standard can be gauged by the fact that they all love to play Honey Singh. Everyone is a self-proclaimed ‘number one RJ’. Because it’s not a two-way communication, insensitive idiots like Naved and Raunak get away with everything.

Radio Mirchi’s ‘Murga’ is apparently very funny. From the ‘likes’ on Naved’s Murga page, I see he is widely followed. After listening to few of his pranks, I felt angry, and I’ll tell you how. Naved and his MURGA jokes have already put lives in serious danger. One of my friends in Noida became Naved’s victim about six months ago and he is still haunted by those few minutes of extreme torture.

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This joker calls up my friend’s mother and tells her that he is speaking from the traffic police department, and that her car, parked at the GK M block market, is being towed away because it was illegally parked. In the process, heavy dents have appeared on the car. The poor lady sounded as if she was about to go into shock in the very first 15 seconds. She pleaded, saying she just bought the car and that she could come in two minutes and pay the fine, and urged them to leave the car alone.

But Naved, not yet satisfied with the trauma he was knowingly inflicting, didn’t let up. He continued in the same authority and stretched his sick joke to such a point where I thought the lady would get a stroke. I couldn’t control my anger, but was helpless. I couldn’t reach him, and like me, so many others can’t reach him because he is safely settled in his studio. It’s a one-way street, so Naved takes dangerous liberties.

There are many people who have suffered at the cost of his sick, morbid jokes. What if someone actually has a stroke and dies from the shock of Naved’s supposedly funny jokes?

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Raunak of 93.5 is no different. He literally turns into ‘Baua’ and invades people’s privacy. What people like Raunak and Naved forget is that they think they are funny. In reality, they are delusional and pompous. They make jokes of politicians, celebrities, they downplay achievements and promote whoever they fancy. If there are any guidelines, they are being flouted. The Information and Broadcasting ministry should wake up to this growing menace.

The likes of Ginni, Raunak, Naved, Ashish and others are infecting our minds, they are not playing by the rules.

Rocky and Ashish, 93.5’s “do kadak launde”, have the audacity to do Facebook post-mortems. They randomly pick up a Facebook profile and rip it to pieces. They humiliate the person for being who he is. They ridicule his FB posts and make fun of him, while the poor chap’s friends and family suffer in silence.

Such brazen, unruly behaviour in the name of freedom of expression and speech is hazardous to our society. These RJs must understand.