Man behind the Big Boss Voice!

All of us are very familiar with the voice of BIG BOSS since ages. Most of us keep on asking who the real Big Boss is. Well, your wait and guesses are over. Here we present you the man behind the voice of Big Boss.

This guy is none other than renowned voice over artist, Atul Kapoor. Who has been lending his voice for the popular reality show. Atul Kapoor in his mid-40s has hosted a few shows earlier but none of them have given him the cult status and should we say, unlimited and ‘invisible’ amount of respect, like Bigg Boss has. Atul’s voice is so stern and tough that leaves contestants in fear when they are miss behaving. While Bigg Boss contestants are familiar with the voice as well as with the face behind that voice we have been listening since years. Apparently, Atul stays in a special secret room to monitor all the Bigg Boss contestants throughout seasons. During the recently concluded Bigg Boss 8, the contestants had even demanded to meet Bigg Boss over a meal. Of course, that didn’t happen as it’s against the format of the show.
But finally, after waiting for so long, we have got to see how the Big Boss looks like!