Dear Aamir, you are not a perfectionist but just a copy cat

We all loved Pk. But was the concept of the movie new? No, OMG starring Paresh Rawal and Akshay Kumar was of the same concept as Pk. There was only slight difference between Pk and Omg. OMG was far better than Pk and here are the reasons.

1. PK was a bit cliched. Except the dancing cars, I found everything pretty common. And dancing cars were used in the movie more than needed.
the dancing car
2.  OMG used spiritual reason to prove their point, and on the other hand PK used a freaking bet on a love relationship.
3. PK was relatively less original than OMG in “BOLLYWOOD”. OMG was copied from the australian movie ‘The Man Who Sued God’, in bollywood, the concept of OMG came earlier than PK. In PK an alien arrived, in OMG a God, not that much difference in this case.
People prefer PK over OMG, just because of Aamir Khan’s “acting”.  Paresh Rawal and Akshay Kumar weren’t that bad either. Infact, Paresh Rawal’s acting better.
Okay, there was no interesting character in OMG, like in PK, but I found Paresh Rawal funnier than that Alien.