Big Fat Indian Wedding that Crossed The 100 Crore is a WASTE!


The concept of marriages in India is just going beyond the usual ‘big fat wedding’. In fact, if we take a look at some of the recent celebrity weddings, it is quite evident that the Indian weddings are getting bigger than ever. And, now it is the NRI business magnate and UK-based billionaire Sanjay Hinduja, who joined the club of ‘larger than life’ wedding celebrations. He tied the knot with his long-time girlfriend and known fashion designer, Anusuya Mahtani in Udaipur.

Not only celebrities and big NRI’s, India’s booming upper middle classes have been inspired to create their own displays. No wedding is now complete without at least three different cuisines offered to guests: north or south Indian, “continental” or European and a third, selected from Mexican, Japanese and Chinese, or chinjabi, as the local version of the latter is known.
“It’s true that people waste a lot because there’s a huge variety of dishes and they take a bit of everything to try it. There’s a limit to the amount anyone can eat though. In an instance Swati Mehta who is an advocate wanted to give the waste food to the beggars, but the caterers refused because they didn’t want to spoil their health, which was no reason because the same food was served to the guests.
The ostentation goes well beyond food. One new trend is the use of helicopters and flights. Instead of the traditional white horse or decorated coach for the bride and groom. Some people want to in a helicopter to pick up the bride instead of going on a horse.
However, Rayapati Sambasiva Rao said, ‘Extravagance in wedding should should be controlled, it is a vulgar display of wealth.