Bahubali continues to puncture ‘sulking’ bollywood’s inflated ego. Salman Khan’s controlled admiration was a giveaway!

Speaking at the promos of his entertainer ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’, Salman Khan couldn’t help, but reveal his hidden feelings when he said he hoped Bahubali was a Bollywood creation, and not a production from down South. He added, in passing: “Bahubali is a good movie.”


That’s it? Salman Khan has conveniently forgotten the fact that he starred in Southern re-makes, like ‘Kick’, ’Ready’, and ‘Bodyguard’, to revive his sagging stardom!

The essence of the epic movie, Bahubali, written and directed by S.S Rajamouli, is thus: “A Man who can kill a hundred men can be a hero, but a man who can save at least one life, is God”.

Bahubali has continued to fend off new competition to surpass the vaunted 5 billion rupees mark in theatrical box office revenue. Only two other Indian films have ever reached this rarefied level of success: PK, and Dhoom 3! If I can be honest, and a bit naughty, Bahubali is a whack on the backs of Bollywood wannabes, who believe there’s none beyond the celebrated Mumbai-based film industry. Bahubali has proved that substance always prevails over masala. There’s more on the way. The reserved appreciation for the epic movie from the Bollywood fraternity was a clear reflection of their envy!


I landed up watching the movie only after over-hearing a conversation between seemingly a few friends in a mall. The overwhelming reactions about Bahubali – The beginning – being the most expensive movie in the history of Indian cinema had an immediate impact on me… I went to watch the movie the same day, and I am going again tonight. A budget of 250 crore-plus is hard to fathom.

Be it the advanced visual effects, the scenes from the battlefield, or the ease with which the ambitious director visualised the scenes by blending in a tale of old school palace politics with modern VFX to deliver a blockbuster. It’s like witnessing the vibrant illustrations of Mahabharat and Krishna episodes come to life on big screen, while drawing on the aesthetics of Lord of the rings, 300 and Troy for its fairly sophisticated VFX and kinetic battle sequences.


Being the chef d’ oeuvre, this movie churns the masala movies of Bollywood from the storyline to the epic visual effects. Bollywood, it’s time to learn from these fantabulous artists and get over your love stories.

‘Bahubali’, the almost 200-minute movie, has outperformed the success of ‘300’ by earning a rating of 9.5 out of 10 in IMDB. The latter had the rating of 7.8. South Indian movies have surely made an imprint of their brilliance on the minds of the people. No wonder, it has entered the 500-crore club.


Well, unlike most movies, which end ambivalently, this is not the case with Bahubali. In fact, it rather ends on a delightful note. The rest of the thirst for this movie is scheduled for 2016, Bahubali- the conclusion. I am determined to catch the first day first show.