Aamir belongs to Old School or to the double standards league?

There was a huge fan following for AIB Roast, but Aamir as always wants to stand out of the league and thinks he belongs to a different school altogether.

Undoubtedly he has a right to keep his views, but isn’t he playing double standards? Let us bring to your notice the movie “Delhi Belly” that he was promoting with all pomp and show was nothing but another cheap flick with songs like “DK BOSE”. Also he used abusive words in his movie “Rang De Basanti” over and over again.

delhi belly

The hunk of an actor believes that violence need not necessarily be physical. They can be emotional and verbal too. And hence AIB roast was violent enough to be disliked by him. But stop there, the movie Delhi Belly had violence both physical and verbal. AIB Roast has put up their video and nobody was forced to watch the same. If you like it, watch it. If you don’t like it then don’t watch the same. Nobody was forcing him to watch the video.  Also he was seen going all out defending the expletives used in Delhi Belly and has joined the list of detractors.

Grow up Aamir, atleast think before making two contradictory statements at the same time.