Godrej comes up with cool clean initiative: Bamboo cycle that can travel 4,400 km!

Godrej Bambusa bike

What lengths would you go to save the environment? The Indian corporate major Godrej and Boyce has come up with a novel idea to present a unique vehicle for cycle enthusiasts. On May 3, the company announced its premium range of bicycles made of bamboo!

Called the Godrej Bambusa Bike, the cycle is hand-crafted, and can easily withstand a strenuous ride of 4,400 kms from India’s southernmost tip Kanyakumari to Khardung La Pass in Ladakh! Bamboo, a tropical grass, is eco-friendly and sustainable too. As the fastest growing grass, growing bamboo for manufacturing more cycles won’t be a challenge for Godrej and Boyce.

The Godrej Bambusa Bike is a limited edition run, with just 25 bikes. Apart from taking the Green initiative, the company that is known across the country for making sturdy fridges, the cycle will also benefit the girl child. For every Bambusa booked, a girl gets educated for a year.

Godrej Bambusa
Godrej Bambusa

But the cycle could put you behind by a cool 50 grand! The first 10 bikes can be booked for Rs 39,999 (5 in the Urban White design and 5 in the Urban Brown design). The rest are priced at Rs 44,999. Why anyone would spend a mini fortune to buy a bamboo cycle, you might ask.

The answer lies in the material that’s being used to manufacture the Godrej Bambusa.  Of the 150 species of bamboo available in India, the makers picked up Pseudo-Oxytenanthera Stocksii because other types were not feasible for bike-making. And bamboo’s tensile strength is stronger than steel, and is four times as absorbent as carbon fibre. Result? Bambusa rides pretty smooth even on bumpy tracks! Besides reducing the carbon footprint, a bamboo cycle is also energy conserver, because no amount of smoke was emitted in creating the bamboo frame.

So what made Godrej and Boyce create Bambusa? Vijay Crishna, the Executive Director of Lawkim Motors Group, a division of Godrej and Boyce, was in Antarctica when he witnessed a bamboo cycle that had taken its traveler the entire stretch of North and South America. Crishna couldn’t wait to bring the idea home, quite literally. At the behest of the organisation, the cycle designer Craig Calfee was invited to India to recreate the design. Craig built a team from among the employees in Lawkim and conducted a 14-day workshop, where they created the early models.

And the rest is a good story. The company is ready to roll out over two dozen Bamboo bikes that can bring in a healthy change in the way corporate executives commute in India. Good exercise while pedaling your way to the office can benefit you in ways more than one!

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