A fake encounter or a justice served harsh and cold with hot lead

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The encounter of 20 red sandalwood smugglers by the police in the forest region of Chittoor has come under the radar of civil and human rights. Now like every other story, there is another face to this one also which is emerging out. According to a journalist who visited the site of the encounter and the hospital where the bodies of smugglers was kept observed something and deduced a conclusion. And that conclusion is very disturbing, according to his observations ‘most of those who had been killed are shot below the neck, suggesting that either they were running away or are shot from behind’ – and this observation clearly contradicts with the statement of police authority that they were stoned and attacked by the smugglers.

Bodies of people, who Indian police claim are suspected sandalwood smugglers killed during an operation by Indian security personnel, lie in the forest area of Chitoor district

In another revelation that is made by the Andhra Pradesh Civil Liberties Committee (APCLC), is that there is a survivor from this massacre and according to them it was a staged encounter. The survivor of the encounter has reportedly gone underground and may be produced before the National Human Rights Commission, which has sought a report.

Many organizations all over the country is condemning the act of the Andhra Pradesh police department in the Chittoor district. Tamil Nadu government claim that, the ones who are killed in this ‘staged encounter’ were laborers not smugglers and also announced a compensation of 3 lakh each to the family of the deceased. If we have to believe that it was a staged encounter, then what are the motives of state government. And an encounter with this much number of casualties is really a suspicious and muderous act by the authorities.

Under fire, Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu briefed Home Minister Rajnath Singh on the encounter. Sources say the Home Ministry is seeking a detailed report.

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