About Us

No. The Voice of Nation is not opinionated at all. We Believe in our narrative and don’t blow with the wind. We are contrarian and we only focus on national security issues. From within and without. And we are quite sensitive about it.

We try to make sense of an unruly world that surrounds us, with insights and explanations. We try to generate more light than heat. Because we believe in a responsible voice of nation.

The third side of the coin. It is what we mostly don’t see when we see and hear and read things around us. Most of us, ensconced in our everyday, non-deadly lives, fail to imagine dangers playing out around us. We have problems.

TVON, with its team of probing writers, is committed to highlighting critical matters. Terrorist attacks, that have the stamp of Pakistan, are staple. People seeking their own islands inside India, States and tribes trying to separate from the Motherland. Where is the sense?

We believe we can no longer oversimplify or skim over the big foreign policy and homeland security questions.

TVON will keep highlighting that.